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by Oli aka HonourGuard

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Duel in the mountains

After some months without any new projects from me on Massive Voodoo, I want to start to show you my last projects.

The duel exist of a beautiful female warrior and a creature of the mountains. I invested a lot of time in the details, like the positions of the figures, an interesting base and a good contrast between the figures. I wanted to capture the scene when the girls starts running to the creature and the creature is not really scared. The rabbits feel more connected to the creature and look surprised in the direction of the girl. 

Now I am interested what you think? you think the blue skin is to bright? 


You probably heard about the bad news from JMD Miniatures, they willl close their store soon. 
I really liked their stuff especially the cool busts. Here is one older miniature from me, I finally made good pictures of the Octopus bust, it is still one of my favourites.

Thanks for answers or votes :)

Best regards Oli


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