Kong's WIP thoughts - May #03

by Roman aka jar

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God dag!

Another round of Kong's WIP thoughts. Thoughts and ideas about my stuff which is in the middle of Progress or even just at the beginning.

I am starting on a big secret project.
I can tell you not much, only that it is secret.
So secret that even secret seekers might fail.
That was information one.

Information two brings us over to another actual project on my table:
The Savior of Galaxy (Female) by North Star Models is under the brush and posing for the right colours. A truly great SciFi Miniature in 54 mm. Thanks to the Sockelmacher.de for providing the right base for this figure in the right moment.

There is still a little more to do to declare her finished and the time is limited these days, as we are still in the middle of making all your books ready for shipping. Those books, really, believe me, I will drink a beer when this project is done and everybody of you is happy out there with his books in hand. I still have the hope that this day will come!

How nice it looks if you only see one :D
We finished the signing of the books and are now preparing your parcels. You can expect the delivery in the next weeks!

Sometimes I just ask myself 'why?' and can just say 'pffftttt' to Finecast:

And another random shot from the days in the studio ...

And another total random shot of happy painting:

So far,
Keep on happy painting!
And remember it is all about painting, nothing more, nothing less ... so take your time to paint and enjoy it!



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