Forged Monkey releases - May

by Raffa

Posted by Raffaele "Picster" Picca

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to show you three finished figures of mine ... and at the same time three new releases of Forged Monkey.

First is a bust: Knucklehead.
Maybe you can remember the work in progress photo.

He got some russian jail tattoos, every tattoo has a symbolic meaning, maybe you can find them all out!
You can get a cast of this grumpy guy over here at Forged Monkey.

Next up is another bust: Tribe Chief Morrow.
He was also shown here on the blog long ago. Because of the artbook all of the releases were very delayed as I didn't really had the time to finish them, send them to the caster and paint them up :(

I have to say, I'm pretty proud of this bust, he is very much fun to paint and the details are pretty clean and crisp. He is pretty small compared to Knucklehead, Brekk or Kazan... so the photo is maybe misleading ;)

You can get a cast over here.

And last but not least, a 54mm figure: Chosen of the Bull.
This sculpt took me some time, especially because of the several options he comes with, two heads and 4 hands (one-handed axe, fist, two-handed hammer, hand with shield) so you have plenty of options :)

I cut off the hand of the shield and glued it to his back. I also used the two-handed hammer and the fist to give him a challenging pose.

His armor was a joy to paint and gives you tons of options to play with.
Get your's here!

I hope you like these 3 new additions to my small shop!

Best wishes,


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