The Walking Dead

by Roman aka jar

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Ough! Ough!

Another figure finished.
This time it is the bust of Satine, unpacked yesterday, here in the jungle.

Back to Satine ...
Somehow things went pretty crazy while my work on this beautiful lady.
I thought about her beauty and believe that many people will paint her as  beauty princess.
I wanted to create the contrary. As I do love the series "The Walking Dead" my theme on her was quickly chosen - surprise: Zombies!

The Walking Dead
Arktik Toys, 4 cm

the lady looks like this outside the photobox

and inside the photobox again ...

Hope you like her?
Let me know what you think via comment!
That was for sure some ugly work - stay tuned for the upcoming step by step article where some of this ugly work is explained, but don't puke!!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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