Kong's WIP thoughts - February #02

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa to another round up of my WIP-thoughts ...

First, a little update on a comission Space Marine I do.
I did build up the base from different parts. This base will be painted as demonstration during the upcoming Painting Crusade X in Brussels in 2 weeks. Both, base and figure are in an early state of progress.

I did some changes to a well known figure, mostly at the base. Soon there will be final work ahead at this project. Really nice, but not easy to paint Enigma figure.

Another project I am working on at the moment is a big Fantasy base with a lot of figures. I have shown it before, it is still WIP but the gang is growing ... still a lot to do at the base, figures and I am waiting on a parcel of more Red Box Games Figures for the project - can't wait to recieve my order :)


Another small bust I started back on the painting class in Vienna, Austria was this old japanese man. I started him blue during the class but right now he is changing a bit. Bust is about 3 cm high, sculpted by Romain van de Bogeart. It was available in a strictly limited figure box to help Japan about 2 years ago. This box was a nice collection of unique figures by some french artists and if you got one, you are lucky!

Bust is still WIP and I got many areas (more and more while I look on the photo) on my schedule where I want to put in some more work, but in the end it is just a fun and "I-finish-you"-project - I guess he won't be painted in a natural way - more fantadsy influanced.

Well, what else happened?
Not much honestly. Still working on the final proof read of the Artbook and the Documentary book from our Indigogo campaign. Soon the books are going to print and we are really happy to say this: You will soon recieve your copy if you are a supporter of the campaign. 

I am organising the judging work for the Bananalicious contest with lists and prepare the prizes for shipping. Also, organising painting classes takes away some hours of my days. Next week on Monday we have a visitor - Carl from the UK is coming over for private practice - he supported our book campaign with 500,00 $ and we will help him with all his questions in private practice on tuesday. He and us is already getting nervous. Be sure to read a report about this sooner or later :)

So far, keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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