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Hi jungle wanderer!

This time it is about a little report on Felix visiting us last week. Felix is a friend of Raffa, Bene and me.

We met during a painting class in Soest where he helped to organise the event. Some of you might know him from events as he is often around, a very nice guy with very cool figures. We planned to meet up for a while now, but never made it. Finally, we made it last Friday, as Felix was our guest for two nights.

Even Bene showed up. Somehow very cool, as Bene was traveling with us in the car to the painting class in Soest. We did not know Bene or Felix properly until after the class and so it was very funny to come together in the same line up.

We had some massive painting time, funny talks and a lot of good and bad music. Really a cool day! Felix brought his figures too and he is carrying it in a damn awesome box, see the pictures above! We had a closer look on his figures and truly: This guys brushwork rocks! Felix made me speechless in giving the guy with Pumpkins to me as an exchange for my exchange figure I gave to him last year.
Raffa recieved the Mexican bust as a total surprise and I am looking forward to see what Raffa will create for Felix one day.

Again, gentleman ... thanks for such a great painting day and night!


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