Carl's thoughts - shortly before

by Roman aka jar

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Aloa jungle travellers,

this time it is something different. I lately told you about Carl, a nice guy from Great Britian who will visit us on Monday, February the 18th. He was one of the many supporters of our book campaign and did choose the perk "private practice with Raffa and me". He will arrive soon and we will have a little report about that.

Carl is at least as excited as we are and he wrote down some thoughts, shortly before.
Enjoy reading and be sure there will be a review :)

Quoting Carl from now on ...

"Hey, my name is Carl,
I live in Nottingham in the United Kingdom and just like you I paint miniatures. I have followed the Massive Voodoo blog since it started and I owe many of the good things I have painted (which aren't many in my opinion!) and my desire to learn more about miniature painting to the tutorials on the blog. It has been a constant source of inspiration for a long time and when I saw the indiegogo campaign I knew I had to pledge. 

On indiegogo I noticed that I could visit the jungle to paint with Roman and Raffa and the more I thought about it the more I thought how cool that would be! I discussed the possibility of me coming to the jungle with my girlfriend, who said I should go, emailed Roman who was really helpful and pledged... Then my mind began to work overtime! What would they think of my painted models? Would they be able to help me improve? 

Fortunately, I have been in constant communication with Roman who has put my worrying at ease and reassured me about the whole visit. I'm a bit if a worrier, and I am my own worst critic but I'm sure that my time in the jungle will be just what I need to get better!
I'm both a little scared and massively excited. I'll let you all know how it goes :)

Read you soon on this topic!


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