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Ladies and Gentleman,


We recieved so so many entries and want to thank everyone who participated in the contest for their contribution. All confirmation mails are out now. I am still waiting for two pending photo problems I am solving right now with two of the participants and after this the easy part for us is done.

Yesterday at the studio I already prepared and boxed all prizes of the random prize pool - took me about 4 hours but it is done and they are waiting for the lucky winners.

Right now I am writing on a chart with all names and entries for our judging work and to get the random prize pool rolling in soon. During this I'll make the final count of the number of entries before I tell it to you. It is much and I want to say the right number.

What to expect the next days?

- You will get to know how many entries are in the contest soon, the exact number.

- During the middle of the upcoming week there will be a big gallery on facebook (public) of all entries. We will show all display photos there (if display category), not every single photo as we take them for judging. I hope you understand that as the gallery would be way too big with 150+ entries, most of them with 6~7 photos or more ...

- During the next two to three weeks the random prize pool will be gambled and winners will be announced. Via and my chart. I am still waiting for two parcels to arrive. One with the two demons by Wonderlands Project and one with some Red Box Games Miniatures, so there will be one or two positions to win for you.

- During the next two to three weeks Raffa and I will do the judging work on most of the categories, Raffa and Mati will do the judging work on the Sculpting category. After this we present you the winners of the contest.

- After this all parcels will be sent.


I hope you understand that finishing this contest takes a while as we recieved so many entries and still got other projects on the table, for example the Artbook - you might have noticed that it is in its final state after you recieved the confirmation mail last week ... soon the printed books will arrive at our HQ ...

Any questions, ideas or thoughts?
Write them in the comments ...

Best Wishes
Your MV-Crew


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