Goblin Hero

by Roman aka jar

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Goblins are mean creatures.
They live in the dark, hunt in the night and are not so brave fighters at all.
This is what is said, but is it true?

I found a nice sculpt of a goblin by Heresy Miniatures and wanted to paint it quick for the use of gaming and for ebay. This one is for sure not a scared goblin, more a dangerous type of this species.

Goblin Warrior
Heresy Miniatures, 28 mm

I really liked the dynamic movement in the sculpt. It has power and makes him look like an angry foe. Again I did a photo of the figure in my cabinet, shot done with lightning by the camera. Just to have another view on the figure.

Hope you like him too.
Let me know what you think via comment.
Be sure to find him up to ebay soon - so maybe you are in need of a true goblin hero?
Prepare yourself!

And if you are interested in more goblins check Red Box Games actual Kickstarter campaign!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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