Golden Silence

by Roman aka jar

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Lately I was in the mood to paint another Hasslefree figure as a gaming piece, maybe for a Zombie-Boardgame. She reminded me on a project I did about 2 years ago as the pose is very similar to one of these unique figures from the 70's.

Once I was lucky to see a movie together with Raffa and believe me this movie is just outstanding awesome. Somehow this figure reminded me of it:

I did a little conversion to the pistol by adding a sound suppressor to it and making this lady very 70's-style. Really had my fun, but for sure on some places you can see that she is not painted in the highest quality. I am ok with the black skin I did paint here but I am always struggling with painting black skin. Need to train that!

Golden Silence
Hasslefree, 28 mm

Keep on happy painting!
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