Kong's WIP thoughts - February #01

by Roman aka jar

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Another month arrives.
Another Kong's WIP thoughts drops in.
Seems the jungle has some busy days right now!

So I will bring it to the spot just right away with some WIP updates. I did finish some stuff and was pretty amazed to see an old WIP Project coming from deep immersion. Once in a land far away called past I did start a scene with some Red Box Games figures. Some kind of tribute to Tre's great sculpting skills and strictly fantasy-themed:

Well I am truly happy to see this project growing in manpower again. I was really fascinated how great it felt to put the two new guys to the group, but as my muse is a bi$%& I won't call the project in close future. Good things need no haste. I once did build up the base and started painting the base. I did some videos about it and if you don't know them yet, I can recommend them to you.

Even in the last days the project grew and I am looking forward to find out more about this big Fantasy gang:

Allright, what else happened?
Oh, yes! This goes out to my future foes on the battlefields of Infinity: Yu Jing rising, man!
I only based and painted some early steps to my next five gaming miniatures. If you are interested in how they might look in the end, check this step by step.

The Space Marine that I'll do on comission recieved some further area prep with some basic colors and some gentle lights on the blue. Meanwhile, I did finish two Hasslefrees.

I found my table not empty but filled with stuff I collected for maybe our first gaming terrain, weird stuff! Future will tell!

The small bust of Barracuda grows in painting and I am preparing a step by step to it. I guess you will like it! Strict explanation of painting thoughts, remorse and joy will come soon!

A little base rises slowly ...

A little change on a well known base is planned ...

Make sure to not miss a little report about last friday were we have been lucky to have Felix as our guest. He travelled ~600 km to paint with us and we were pretty happy to have him with us. A cool painting day has passed and Felix did forget two of his cool figures at our places ... why? Keep an eye out for the article ...

Keep on happy painting!
Yu Jing rising!!!!!


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