Kong's WIP thoughts - February #03

by Roman aka jar

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Hey ho jungle traveler,

another summ up of the latest Kong's WIP thoughts ... arriving straight from the workbench.

This time with not so much brand new and fresh news as we did not spent much time in the studio last week. On Friday night I managed to bring my fantasy gang growing in numbers. Finished two of them, a stealthy crossbow dwarf and a female amazon huntress with a spear ... There is still much work to do - mostly on the base and the other 7 figures that are still left. Mainly it is the base that scares me the most as it needs a lot more detail brush work.

It feels really good to bring one figure after the other to the base, always brings back massive motivation to see the group grow. I am preparing this diorama for a german online contest and hopefully will make it in time. Right now it looks good but the future weeks are filled with a lot of events, classes, two comissions and finally recieving a lot of Artbooks to sent. Might get busy but I try not to get distracted when it comes to push this forward. The next ones who will be add are already in progress ...

 WIP of the dwarf and amazon ...

Most of the fun - finding the right position at the base

The typical Barbarian Warrior will be next ...

I hope you enjoy ... stay tuned for another Kong's WIP thoughts and ...
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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