Escape from the Cabinet!

by Raffa

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Hey there!

As i made photos of our finished miniatures some days ago and didn't take any photos of finished minis for some time now, here is a big chunk of finished miniatures for you :)

Ultramarines Captain

I painted this guy for my private collection of space marine chapters which grows and grows (slowly :D)
It's the guy from the finecast review, you can read about the marble base in this tutorial!

Sniper Duel
This little scene is a miniature exchange with another great painter, jens.
I hope he likes this scene :)

The Survivor
He who has seen the fade of his passion
on the lonely, salty and deep oceans he was floating
just to find himself in the uninteresting everyday life
living on solid land slowly eat away his soul
he seeks to sweat again working his way through the seven seas
his passion

This awesome (!!!) bust was lying around here for about a year so now it was time to paint it!
Maybe you have seen roberts ship project what was the main inspiration for this project :)

No Fear, No Regrets!
This very dynamic sculpt from Kabuki really needed some dynamic scene... so i gave it a try.
Hope you like my version of Cpt. America :)

Exploring new Worlds
Haaa, i love this awesome sculpt from mati!!! Really cool, somehow a bit old school sci-fi style.
A little conversion was done to a more conquerer like pose with a pistol...

Chaos Knight

I painted this on sunday in the painting class in Soest... i really wanted to make a fast paintjob so it looks quite sloppy on some places ;)

So far, that were some new minis from my work bench...

Stay tuned!


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