Tutorial - Building a fast SciFi Gaming Base

by Roman aka jar

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Welcome reader!

This article gives a short view on how you can easily build up a quick gaming base using pretty cool stuff by Secret Weapon and Mother Nature.

As I got stuck in my plan to build up a Grey Knight Army of Warhammer 40.0000, i decided to paint those last remainings of my first squad to single models once in a while. I did rip this one, who is still Work in Progress, off from his former base to have a go on a quick gaming base using Secret Weapon's "Etched Brass Raised Metal Grid Flooring" and "Beveled Edge Bases, 40 mm, Bone Fields".

I first cleaned the resin base with some sandpaper on its edge. Next i did cut out some eteched brass pieces and ripped them apart with a clipper. Next they were glued to the base with superglue. I always love things destroyed as you can bring a bit more dynamic to such a base due the route of tracing the viewers eye.

Next Vallejo Putty 401 was used to bring some rusty texture to the brass pieces by using a Q-Tip.

Now Mother Earth jumps in and brings some common earth, fixed via superglue to bring it all a bit more together before priming.

And as i won't throw away the first base i cut off the basework from the plastic base and glued it to a Fantasybase to make a bigger base for a pretty cool Red Box Games Troll - this will be an exchange miniature again, finished somewhere in the future, as the muse strikes :)

Now i have used common earth and some roots and wood to fill up the base, also some stones and two pieces of GW's resin basing casts. Earth brought it all together again. Colour will do the rest.


Painting follows.
Three of these 40 mm bases by Secret Weapon, two Sockets by Sockelmacher.de and a beautiful Red Box Games Miniature will now be the start of a big first prize Jungle surprise box which can be won at the MV's Ultimate Plastic Knight Contest, additional to the first Prize "the Protector of Stalingrad"

I'll be back with some more information about Prizes soon, here is the box, filling up with love soon:


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