Musica and Fear

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

... and hop! hop!
Dancing with the Muse gets intense :)

Checking out some Secret Weapon products for you in the next couple of weeks. First I am working with some etched brass in 2mm (!!) Copperplate Gothic - really amazing how small they are and you really can write everything you want - - i am really scared working with them - i am happy that this test runs at an old sign for the Bunny Queen with rust and you know those funny effectful stuff i manage to do with my gorilla fingers during a joyful bongo bongo dance with the muse. I would be very scared to write some brave Space Marine Words on an epic Landraider, but it would work and might look awesome in the end ;)

I have just realized that i've lost the letter "N" - 
damn, i love photos and superglue miracles :)


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