Tutorial - sculpting tiny armoury parts

by Roman aka jar

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As Khal Maulgo is from Figone and his new mount, the saurian, is from Andrea Miniatures i need something to bring it somehow together to make it look like one piece in the end. I plan many things to achieve this goal.

This little article shows you how i work small armour parts that will be placed on Maulg and the saurus. I have used magic sculp, some small balls from a waterfilter by the company Britta and some tools. First there is a needle at the top of an old brush, another old brush cut off and made straight plain by the use of sandpaper and a toothpick - that's it.

First step was using a old wood piece, making little balls of Magic Sculp and bring them on top of the wood piece. If you concentrate on doing small balls, always cut them in half when you think they are small enough - most time they are not and this little "rule" helped me to get faster to my goal. I did use the plain cut off brush tool to press those balls flat.

Next i have used some tiny balls from the waterfilter and tried to fix them in the middle of my little armoury pieces. I just pressed them in and if i saw some that had too much space to stay in place i just grabbed my tool and gave those pieces a gentle touch from the one or the other side. Using a toothpick to fix them. I did not bother if they are were not perfectly in the same size as you can see :)

Following i took my needle tool and made some tiny holes around the balls into the Magic Sculp.

After this i did let it dry around 3 hours and glued them in place - i did this for several runs yesterday and still got to make more, but i know why i do it - as i really like the overall effect - might look better when it is painted :)

Soon there is some Weapon scratching ahead - if you need inspiration to scratch a Fantasy Weapon you can find some in the linked up article.

Hope you like this short article and maybe it inspires you - there is not magic around such tiny sculpting sessions with such a easy goal - it is mostly the right tool and patience. When it comes to more complex sculpting it often seems a mystery and magic too to me.

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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