MV's Ultimate Plastic Knight Challenge 2011

by Roman aka jar

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It is time for the next MASSIVE VOODOO CONTEST!!!! AAYYYAYY!!

Dsching! Dsching! Klip! Klap! Dsching!
That's the sound every boy remembers from his childhood while playing with he played with those tiny scaled 1:72 Knights. C'mon everyone once wanted to be the most powerful knight on the battlefield. I remember those days good, when the others were dressed as cowboys and native indians, police and robber, doctor and nurse -  i always stormed the place in Knight Armoury and beat them all - Knights will be the theme for MASSIVE VOODOO's next CONTEST, welcome to the

What you got to do?

- Find yourself a figure of a knight, mounted or dismounted in scale 1:35 (54 mm).
Not those great and beautiful sculpts you can get around the corner, from example Pegaso Models. No, we mean those soft plastic ones, like this one.

- You and your friends (get a box together) are invited to do conversion of your knight or not, as you like and whatever you can imagine (light saber action for example), BUT it should be easily to see that you have used such boydream knight of plastic as the basic body.

- You can do bases however you like and also the amount of knights doesn't matter at all. Fifty fighting Fifty, only one, a duel or go to the thousands in numbers as you like. Everything is welcome. Here are three examples of what you can do and one of them will be the first prize of the contest :) - we have used this box for our knights and mainly changed the helmets to heads (we used Preiser 1:35 heads here, but we are not sure if those are still available, there are some by Pegaso and other manufacturers, this is your quest not ours, brave knight!) - Those 2 knights (King Templar Knight and spanish Lord will be the first exchange miniature between Raffa and Roman):

- Your goal is to enjoy the fun we experienced while doing such a stupid project, back to the roots of it all, back to where it all started when we have been girls and boys - i was like 8~10 when i charged my friends in knight armour on a wooden horse and really made the experience that working with such a simple model makes really, really happy - a great fun! Feel invited to do yours.

- There are no rules, you can paint and convert whatever you want! Even a plastic knight fighting a plastic dragon with  a fork!!

for your entry is the 28th of November 2011, day and night.

Sent your photo presentation of your model with at least 3 different angles of the model (for example: front, back, left side) to jarhead---massivevoodoo---dot---com and see your entry confirmed. Sent via Email and use "Ultimate Knight Challenge - *your Knights Name*(for example: Sir Gregory Thunderhammer)" as subject.

Who can not take part?
Raffa and Roman of the Massive Voodoo Crew won't take part as we are the JUDGES! Yes Man! THE JUDGES OF KNIGHTS!!! Everyone else is allowed with one entry only!!

The judges of the contest will be Raffa and Roman of the Massive Voodoo Crew and some more of the Ape Gang if they'll let me know. Judging will be done from the heart - which entry hits the spot. Judging will be done in the following days after the deadline.


1st Prize
  - A big Jungle Surprise box, including massive Hobby Stuff form Massive Voodoo and our Partners, also including the Russian Knight "Sir Romanovich Epicoslawa", Protector of Stalingrad early Work in Progress of my personal hero knight ultimate conversion and the final model that will be yours to win:

----> included in a Jungle Surprise box with tons of stuff for your hobby joy!
Thanks to the for the support!

2nd Prize
A smaller Jungle suprprise box - with joyful stuff for your hobby. Thanks to DieVincis for the support!

3rd Prize

Please feel free to ask in the comments!

Tell your friends with different seized banners and challenge them to the

800 pixel wide

 600 pixel wide and 400 pixel ...


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