Beyond Raging Waves

by Roman aka jar

posted by roman, jarhead, kong

Beyond raging waves my muse dances with me
finishing stuff here and there
but is she really dancing with me?

Colours seem to flow
but no goal satisfies myself
That is why i go back with imagination and words
together with you to the deep green massive heart of the jungle
whose beats just remain, your brain washed empty
best to dance freely - happy painting!


We got a very rainy day today and yesterday was not much better - we wish the sun soon back from its hideout. So Painting with Raffa will be ahead. Looking forward to have him over in some minutes - much is in progress, many emails to write and things have to be organised. But there isn't something worse in everyones daily grind if he picks up the brush for some moments - Red Box Games Troll finished by me, Raffa is sculpting a damn cool bust, a Grey Knight is also ready and many things to come ... maybe :)


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