Tutorial - How to paint some burned wood

by Roman aka jar

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A new week welcomes you to the jungle with great good Morning Music out of a truely epic movie :)

Lately i was thinking how to create a wood piece that looks really burned by fire. I went back to the simple neanderthalian way of burning it, but I did use crackle medium first. I will do it at a RBG Troll's wood club made from Resin. We did this last week also on a real wood piece and it worked very well.

I did this procedure in early progress of my painting work for getting the overview as early as possible.
Putting Crackle Medium at place, very thick.

Wait until it dries out and crackles. Then prime it black. I did this with Spray. Drying. Then use a lighter and burn the place. Do this outside and don't set yourself on flame. Keep your eye upon the flame, control it, when you see a flame blow it out that is too much. Also keep your eye on the time - there is no need to complete burn away your Miniature - just gentle 15~20 Seconds and maybe repeating. Swift and gentle.


After the fire and some growing painting progress.
I just made sure that i gently drybrush the place with some dark grey to make the cracklings stand out more. The black pigments created by the fire will do the main work here - as they make it look burned in the end - still Work in Progress RBG Troll with burned resin club, but crackle medium first :)

Don't burn yourselfes and keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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