Tip of the day

by Roman aka jar

Tip of the day
If you are in need of drilling a hole in a hard, clear plastic ball you are allowed to curse.
If you just use your hobby drill you will fail and curse on and on and even might hurt yourself. Do not go easy with hobby accidents.

Use your hobby blade or something similar and carefully create a "first" hole or damage in the surface. Still, take care and do not hurt yourself. Try to fix the ball with a tight grip from your fingers, while you gently push it down to your cutting matte with the weight of your upper body. Concentrate.

Now back to the drill.
Pushing the plastic ball down with the same technique as above you now can drill easily as the drill's tip has a connection point and will not dance uncontrolled over the surface. This actually also works on plinths or anything you want to drill. Pre-drill is the key to a clean drill job.

Keep on happy drilling and always know cursing while drilling a hard, clear plastic ball is all fine!


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