MV Challenge 2017

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle painters, 
it has been far too long since we challenged you, right?

2016's Mad Max Car Contest 2 was the last contest we held here in the jungle, but now it is time for something fresh: The monkeys of MV challenge you to show your creativity, show us your skills and put your knowledge to test. Paint like you are and happy painting are the guiding words for this contest, but the topics are quite uncommon.

Let us introduce two challenges to you:

Josua and Roman came to the conclusion to set this up.
One topic for the challenge comes from Josua and the other one from Roman.
Both topics are very different. You can participate in both in the given timeframe.

We will now guide you through the ruleset of this contest and of course show you what you can win if you pick up your brushes and basing skills for this magnificant tsunami of fun. In the end you will find the overall rules for this event and MV's prizes that we got ready for you.

Base with water - Challenge Rules

- Build a water-themed base 
- As this Callenge is about water, it has to contain water elements make sure your base represents at     least one element in the liquid physical state of water.
- Of course you are allowed to add small animal or another small storytelling detail or such to your
  base, but we do not want to see a full figure on the base. It's about basing love.
- You are not limited in the size or shape of your base.

Don't know how to create realistic water on a base? this may help

Walt Disney Infinity - Challenge Rules

- Repaint a Walt Disney Infinity Figure of your choice
- Build a base to your model or use it out of the box, conversions are allowed
- To be able to judge this category we only allow entries with one Infinity figure. No other additional
   figures are allowed. Of course you can add a snake, a butterfly or another small animal to your
- No rules on painting the model. Do what you want!
- Enjoy painting it and sent us your final result to take part in this challenge
- If you are in need of inspiration on how to tackle such a paintjob, check this article!

Overall Challenge Rules

- Sent your entries in until October 19th 2017,
as soon as the calender hits the 20th on Roman's time (located in Augsburg, Germany) entries are not accepted. You will recieve a confirmation mail once your entry was checked. Please write your full name and adress to the email. We need this in case you will win a prize.

- For each challenge entry sent a minimum and maximum of three photos to
   jarhead---at---massivevoodoo---dot---com- Please know that we are judging from your photos, give your best to present your entry and do
  decent photos.

Entries who have been published in their final version before the contest ends are not participating.
- You are allowed to show work in progress photos.
- You are allowed to take part in both categories, but only with one entry per category.
Judging both challenges will be judged by the team of this contest, Josua and Roman. 
Both are not allowed to take part in the challenge or if they want, then they participate "out of competition". Every other person interested in taking part is allowed to. Except Roman and Josua, also members of the MV-Team are not starting out of competition and can participate legally.

We judge your creativity and the beauty of your entry in both categories.

By entering this contest you allow Massive Voodoo to use your photos for articles about this contest. You still own the copyrights, but you allow MV to handle them through their platforms.


In each of the challenge categories we will hand out three Massive Voodoo Medals:
Gold, Silver, Bronze. This makes six medals overall.

The gold winner of the category "base with water" 
will also receive this beautiful base done by Josua as a special super gift:

The gold winner of the category "Walt Disney Infinity" 
will also receive this Infinity Ironman, painted by Roman as a special super gift:

Special Jungle Raffle
Everyone who is taking part in one or both of the challenges will automaticly take part in a special jungle raffle to be able to win one of these prizes:


Ten! I repeat "Ten!", 10, 5+5, overall ten big Jungle Surprise boxes with hobby material and miniature goodies:

Info about Jungle Surprise boxes:
Jungle surprise boxes will be randomly drawn through all out all participants and will be sent in the drawing order. No specific numbers to complicate things.  

One limited premium fine art print of Roman's project "The Nightwatch" (one time only), signed (Signature missing in this photo):

One poster of Roman's project "The Last Light" (three times) - signed. (Signature missing in this photo)

23 is the number.
We are giving away 23 prices, including the medals, special prices and prize pool. Not one less or one more. There will be no shipping cost on your end. Massive Voodoo will pay the shipping cost, no matter where you live. Worldwide. We just ask for this:

You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.

Are you ready? Kick it!
Tell your friends, tackle some paintpots and keep on happy painting!
Got some questions? Ask them via commenting this post.
We can only answer your questions here! To easily find back to this announcement we will link it up to the upper right corner of the Massive Voodoo blog. Soon!

Responsibility on this event: Roman & Josua



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