Review: Private Coaching with Philip

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,
today it is time for another private coaching review.

this review is all about how Philip visited me to learn about painting atmosphere during two nice days in 2016. It took quite the while to write this up, no one knows why.

As Philip is a very talented person and already has good knowledge when it comes to painting and color theory I asked him for homework without his help. Philip had to paint my famous wolf photo by mixing the colors he needs only from primaries. This is a great task to learn to visualise and analyse colors that I have implemented as a part of my teaching of the principles of atmosphere. I always love to see my students results and their joy in understanding painting much more during this task. Of course I am there to help and avoid fear :)

Well, not so with Philip. It was his homework and he came back with this:

Yeah, wtf :D  

I have to say usually my students in my class have about one hour to fullfil this task. Phil's homework took him some more hours as he was really enjoying it. If you want to see more of Philip's art check his Instagram.
Allright, after Philip arrived in the studio we tackled the subject of painting atmosphere in theory and color mixing exercises. Another wolf was done.

The coaching went on and Phil was getting deeper and depper into my brain. We listened to great music and headed on to the bust Phil wanted to put his new learned knowledge to a test. Of course under my guidance. The bust was Papa Jambo by Black Sailors.

Phil was forced to sketch in his atmospheric vision without getting to distracted by fears of not being able to paint a perfect blending in the start. Sketching is where painting begins.

I for my part started off with a model by Black Sun Miniatures to explain the process clearly to Phil, alongside his own paintjob.

After the first day Phil was a little tired in the brain so we went for good bavarian food and lots of atmosphere.

Next day. Day two. 
Painting again and pushing details and further into the vision.

In the end of the second day mainly consisting of intense painting time, good chats and fine music we were not able to finish the bust completly, but were able to push as far as we could in a two day coaching.

I was really happy to be able to help Phil with small hints and pushing him further and further on this cool paintjob. As a teacher Phil made me truely proud with his result.

Thank you for visiting me for private coaching and your will to learn from me, Philip!
It was my pleasure and a lot of fun. I hope to see this bust finished one day. Should not need much time invested from now on. You can do it!

Keep on happy painting!
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