Mu96 - Masterson, the perfect wet palette?

by Roman aka jar

Hello jungle,

... and welcome to a product review that is about a basic element in figure painting:

The wetpalette.

Keep your colours wet for a longer period of time by using a wet palette.

Wet Palette 2.0 
Improve your Wet Palette

This is review #96 (closing in on 100!!)

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It is amazing how often wet palettes change, when looking back in my painting career.
Wet palette 2.0 brought massive change in my way of working with the wet palette. My recent wetpalette for a long time was a large piece of tupperware with lid:

Well, you never can have enough space when it comes to the joy of mixing colors. That is what I have learned in the last couple of years.

I was truely happy to see bigger wet palettes at my painting friends
during my recent weekend workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark.

One large wet palette I encountered during the class ... love it.

Peder from Faraos Cigar showed me the  Masterson's Super Pro Palette. 
If you want you can even add crazy, ultimate, wonderful and so on ... to it.

Make sure to know 
this is a personal review. From my point of view. It only shows my individual oppinion.

So far, 
I know it is available at Faroas Cigar in Copenhagen and via PK-Pro.

Let's have a closer look and I can tell you what I like so much about this wetpalette. Masterson has different sized wetpalettes, but I absolutely prefer this one, because of its size:

Although superlarge, it is not too deep, just the perfect height, even with lid:

You can - of course - remove the lid. There is actually nothing to close it with a "click", for being superwaterproof if you are a painter who wants to carry around his "in-use-wetpalette" in his bagpack. The lid opens up easily and closes smoothly. So far I had no issue with colors drying out to fast, because of the lid.

The lid even has a suprise, areas to mix colors in if you want to use them unthinned and not need the options a wet palette overs. This wet palette includes a dry palette in the right size.

Let's look closer on the contents of this wet palette set:

Instruction on how to use. Read it!

Now this is sweet. I can put this under my wet-palette to make it stand without touching my table. I am pretty sure there is some sense behind this idea. I mainly like it, because it is fency.

After carefully reading the instruction manual I removed everything out of the palette. Look at this size.

Endless space to paint.

As I did read the instruction manual in such a carefull manner I knew how to setup the palette I tackle it. First I need hot water to place the special paper for fiveteen minutes. Let is soak. Kind of very similar to the Stay Wet paper by Daler & Rowney that we revived and used earlier.

It's not baking paper at all. It is some membran paper and they say you can even wash of your paint later on and use it on and on. good to have five of these in the basic set though. When you run out you can buy them as a refill pack.

Hot water on paper. Fiveteen minutes can be a long time staring at this. I painted a Zombie without the use of a wet palette in the meantime.

When the paper is soaked, put it away again and bring back the sponge that fits perfectly good into your premium wet-palette. Saying premium, because everything just feels so fency :D

Help with a push of your fingers to make the sponge soak as much water as it needs to be fully soaked. Then remove the rest of the water to a plant in your room.

Place the paper on top of it.

Now you can paint on a large wet palette.
So I did as I think I can tell you my honest expression if I put it to use first and placed a sticker on top my lid.

Well, I really much like it. The size is unbeatable and by setting it up once in a while I hear the calls of mixing paint and freedom. Lovely. I even try to keep it clean ... well, I try, but I know I will fail.

I really like the fency feel about everything. For me it is just the best wet palette I used so far.

Now to the big question? 
Can you reuse the paper?

Yes, you can.

It is not as thin as baking paper and so far my first sheet did not open up any cracks on its surface even I was mixing like a madmen here and there. I went down to the bathroom, took another old sponge and removed my paint from the paper. Felt a little bit like washing clothes, but with more beautiful color plays in the water.

I was not able to remove everything. At least it looks like, but this is soaked in the paper, its surface is clean as new and painting on it is not a problem. The soaked in paint is not influancing the color on top. Tested several times.

Beautiful ...

Well, I love this new setup and I enjoy painting on this wet palette.
Important to know is that even if you buy very fency painting equipment, still the act of painting will help you to collect experience and grow a better painter. Not the fency stuff, but this wet palette makes painting more joy.

Get your gear at Pk-Pro!

Keep on happy painting!

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