Review: Private Coaching with Orcun

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey jungle,

here is a little review about Peter´s first Private Coaching. He was visited by Orcun, who also lives in Stuttgart.

Orcun is still at the beginning of his voyage through the world of painting and so, he asked Peter for help in order to improve his skills.

The main topics for the two days coaching were:
  • painting techniques
  • color theory
  • light/shade-theory
  • painting different volumes

Side topics:
  • building bases
  • metallics
  • create simple glow effecs

The question of a proper workshop model was an important point in Peter´s preparations. He chose the Flagellants by Games Workshop, as they are easy to build and have interesting volumes.

Orcun´s statement:

I'm Orcun, 33 years old and started painting miniatures 1.5 years ago. I love this hobby because it brings the fantasy world to life and requires patience and creativity. I have been working hard to improve my painting skills to get more realistic and exciting results. I have been watching videos and reading tutorials but I wasn't improving as I expected. I needed a trained eye and much more experienced tutor to point out my mistakes. This way I wouldn't develop bad habits and move in the right direction. I have been following the masterpieces of the Massive Voodoo painting studio and approached them for help. After finishing the arrangements, I visited Peter in Stuttgart for a two day private coaching. He was very enthusiastic and well prepared for the coaching. We had a lot fun during the whole learning process. I learned very important theories and painting techniques. I learned what to focus on when I'm training to be a better painter. I was also very inspired and will definitely paint more often. I thank the whole massive Voodoo team for this opportunity and hospitality. I recommend contacting their studio to anyone who needs inspiration and wants to improve their technique. 

Two of Orcun´s models before taking the class:


I was very excited about having my first student for a private coaching here in my flat. Of course, I have joined Roman during many of his painting classes and supported him by coaching some of his more advanced students, but to teach without any "backup" was still unknown territory.

Nevertheless these two days were a very important lesson for myself. In advance, It took me some hours to think through all the exercises I would do with Orcun and how I could really help him to improve his skills. After all my preparations were done, Roman supported me with some of his teaching materials, which helped a lot during the coaching. Thanks for this, mate!

I really enjoyed the two days with Orcun. We spoke a lot about painting and had some good laughter together. He was an open-minded student and even if some of the units were quite challening he forced himself through. I was really happy with the results and today I´m sure that he will improve his skills much faster. It makes me smile that I was able to help him a bit on his road to happy painting. 

A guide in theory on how you can increase your skills.

First day:
On Friday we started with the fun part: building a proper base for the miniatures. At the beginning Orcun worked himself through a lot of inspirational material and after a short introduction into different materials, we got "lost" in our creativity. 

After the introduction into the beautiful world of base building, it was time for theory. Thanks to our great tutorial section, I had all the materials I needed :)

A well illustrated guide by Raffa showing you theory about light and shadow.
A guide that shows you how you can bring your miniature into a good light situation.
Theory: The full color wheel
Funny and interesting way to understand the colour wheel. 

Theory: Complementary Colors
Raffa again goes deep into colour wisdom.

A basic approach on cold and warm colours.

Second Day: 
On Saturday it was all about painting. After a quick talk about Friday´s theory, we opened our wet palettes and started right away. Nothing more to say about this, so lets have some pictures:

explanation for light and shade on volumes

Orcun´s version

Peter´s version

final results

painting glow effects

As I wrote before, it was a very interesting experience to have a student here at my place and help him to improve his skills. The most important lesson I learnt for myself: accept that time is running fast and you have to focus, even if the miniature will not be finished during the class. It´s more important to share your knowledge and have trust in your student.

It would have been a lot of fun to keep on painting with Orcun the whole day, but I felt our exhaustion and the need to think about our newly gathered knowledge. Thanks Orcun for these interesting two days!

If you are interested in having a private coaching with Roman, Raffa or Peter, have a look here: CLICK.



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