SBS: Tiny fun bust by Latorre

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle,

this is a supertiny walkthrough on painting a supertiny bust, sculpted by Raul Garcia Latorre as a gift to people who pre-ordered a limited model by him. I have no idea if you can get this anywhere now. Wonderful gesture and I really enjoyed painting the bust, but it is tiny.

Miniature painters do paint tiny things you might say and you are right about it.
So no complaining,
more painting.

Started the paintjob on white primer by applying a reddish skintone everywhere. Sorry photo looks so big, because the bust is so tiny.

Painted highlights to the skin areas by adding more yellow and later on white to my basic mix. Painted white hair basecoat with an off-white, created by adding a little bit of my skintone to it. Highlighted this with pure strong white for single hairs. Painted my plinth black, but while doing so realized that I want to have it as a pattern that goes to the miniature. Painted the eyes.

Going closer into detail highlights on the skin also redifining it with dark glazes in the shadow areas the plinth was yelling at me to let it burn, so I used the colors of fire down there.

It was a gift to a long time friend of mine from Berlin. Somehow the bust represents something I sometimes see in him. Do not worry he is a great and good person :D

Again a tiny bust on a way too big photo.

I did some photos with the big camera in the end and what can I say?
This was fun, supertiny and a superfast article. 

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