SBS: Memories

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle,

what is best to start with after some days of vacation?
Right, good memories. When looking back at 2016 I got plenty to tell about and still several tutorial and articles from last years painting spree.

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This piece definatly has its story.
Starting in last years August in Sweden on a car craveyard.

During my visit to Sweden to hold one of my beginner classes local-living and amazing, Markus suprised Peter and me with a surprise visit to this place ... somwhere in the deep forests of Sweden.

It's an amazing place. 
It stole my breath away. I was not able to speak, just full in awe ... and taking thousands of billions of photos. This is just a brief impression on what we saw there.

If you want to see more of it, check these photos.

Well, Arvika was a blast and as I was able to put this inspriation into a project I want to tell you about it. First, I was thinking to write this article for Figure Painter Magazine, but in the end I decided not to. Not that I do not like Figure Painter Magazine, not at all I like it very much and I love to contribute there as you will see in future issues. I just had to listen to my heart like I always do and it told me that this article is to personal and more a thing for Massive Voodoo itself, than a part in a magazine. Well, the heart, takes decisions away from us or helps us to make some.

Let's speak about: Memories
Some more photos, because these memories are so good :)

Well, you see I can not stop, even if you might already get what I want to show you here. A place full of magic. Everytime I come back to these photos I remember and breathe every second there again.

Thank you so much, Markus.
... and of course Peter too for the great time, friendship and comradship spent in Sweden.

BTW Markus is the owner of

... and will happily serve your hobby wishes!

Allright, you get that I was inspired :)

So inspired that this memory burned like laser in my soul and before I could think in any direction that I would create something to say thanks to Markus for such an amazing impression and chance.

Home again I found a small cigar box without cigars 
and glued a car in it. 
Simple as that, kind of. It was absolutly in the flow as the inspiration just wanted to get out. Nau!
If you are interested in what car I used, check out this article over here:
Tutorial: Using cars in 28 mm miniature projects 

As you can see in the photo above I added some cork, roots, rubber tires and stuff to the base. All put together with superglue. Before glueing the car to the base I damaged it, by adding true material damage to it, but not as hard as on this one. 

Adding some soil to the ground - again superglue for the win - I made ready for priming, but also took a piece of masking tape to protect the clear car glass window part.

I used Vallejo's Plastic Putty 401 to add some areas of interest, by using a cotton ear cleaner and speckled it all over some areas. In the end this will look like a rough surface, a mixture between rust and crackled paint and whatnot.

Primed it.

Prepared my basic primary five colors that I wanted to use and started painting.
Colors are these ones from Schmincke, Primeacryl.

Taking a brush, painting. My brain was all yellow, green and a car that is rusted. All the good memories came back in this paintjob.

It was also a great time back then as my good old friend Robert from Graz was visiting me and we painted together. Also wonderful memories. You might remember him, he is the creator of the diorama "Frutti di Mare".

I was just slapping color and painting my vision. Let's call it sketching first, but in the end sketching is where painting begins.

Quickly I realized I miss green in it. Yellow green. Mixed it, placed it.

Just picking the colors from my wetpalette and mixing together what I needed here and there. For the rust I used some of my holy modelmates rust, that is not available anymore as Modelmates shut down. Sad story, but good memories. Lucky you if you got yourself a little stock or if you heard any romours of Alan's other company, called "Dirty Down".

The key to such a start of a project?
Inner peace, good memories, great time with friends, no restriction in color recipes, good music, a creative roar that has to be shouted! So much yellow in my green and brushstrokes!

I added more darker green here and there, painted wildly so it is quite hard to tell you exact steps. Believe me or not, but I think when you look at the photos you will understand that a certain brushstroke or a technique is not easy to explain in this kind of process. Call it freedom in painting, happy painting. Simple as that. Painting a vision, follow color instincts, put it where you want it. Wash? Drrrpppp! Bbllrrrpptrrrff!! Put it where you want it, paint on until you see your vision fullfilled.

Ah yes, I added some moss and some grass pieces from Polak Models and some mininature grass. 
And I painted my plinth ... uhm, the cigar box black, why?

Paint on it again to get more definiton via drybrushing moss, adding more detail to the car by redifining the texture there. I was also adding tree funghi here and there that I made out of carefully selected tabacco pieces.

It was easier done than you might think and I hope you are not too shocked on the minimal way of explaining color recipes or special painting techniques here. It just happened, like a flash while all that inspiration and good memories poured out and into this small cigar box. There is no special way or name for this technique, maybe: painting?

A project that I enjoyed a lot and now that I got it back from my exhibition it will start its journey to Sweden, finally.

I called the project: Memories
... as it is just a this. A small piece of my heart and soul.

You can see more photos of it via Putty&Paint or on my own page in the diorama section:

I know this is not a typical tutorial, explaining many things in detail or step by step. Well, the main goal behind this article or so called step by step is just to show you:

Sometimes you just have to paint, nothing else.

I was so inspired by this car wreck that I had to do a tank wreck in winter and I can already tell you this was not the last one of this wreckage series:

If you want to see an article on the creation of "Ghosts of Winter", let me know via comment and some interactions. I might take some time in the near future to write it up for you!

Keep on happy painting!

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