MV Zombie Community Project - Update #05

by Massive Voodoo

Dear Ladies and gentlemen,

once again some time has passed quietly (way too fast in our opinion) and it is urgently time for the next update about Roman´s and Bene´s Zombie Community Project. We did not forget this in early 2017, the months just passed so fast ... and yeah, well.

If you don´t know what we are talking about you are welcome to check the link below, where the idea behind the project is explained. You will also find there a link to all the updates and names on people who are supporting us in this:

Update #01
You want to support Massive Voodoo? 
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here.

Allright, let's start right off. 
Roman did paint some more Zombies and had to start his second board. Again most of our Zombie models are by CMON and their great Zombicide games. 

Roman is again training his speedpainting skills with Zombies as he will hold his first one day Speedpainting Masterclass soon in July. A testrun of this class was done at NOVA 2016.

Roman trains himself to finish one of these Zombies in 15 Minutes of painting time.

A zombie cook!

A Fatty ...

Another 15 Minute Zombie ...

The boards of Zombies are filling up. Left board up right: Community Donation 1. Right board left top: Roman's horde 1. Right board middle: Bene's horde 1. Right board middle: Community Donation 2. and first board right bottom left: Roman's second horde ... what a explanation :D

Even we are far from numbers we need, this already looks really impressive, thanks to all your help!

Many thanks to David from Germany who came up with a really interesting Zombie:

Damn, we got to do these updates more regularly to remember properly. This one is by a second David. Please correct us if we are wrong. So cool!

 ... but even better we recieved a handmade drawing by David.

... but even more impressed we were by the secret map on the back of the drawing leading to a secret stash of something. 

Many thanks for your continous support. We also continue to push this forward and we are happy that we planned so much time for this project. It will be epic, huge and a neverending story, but when it is done it will be amazing, thanks to all your help!

Roman's second board is growing as we speak ...

What are the next steps?
Bene and Roman do not get tired of painting Zombies, just a little slower in this early 2017. As there is already a good number of Zombies both decided to meet soon for a little progress on the basework for this never seen before diorama, some progress on the base incoming to see everything of the full picture grow together. Of course we will keep you updated on this.

We are slowly entering stage #02 of our project plan.
You can read the initial plans on the project and our work schedule here.

STAGE#01 - ending
Painting as much Zombies as possible. Many, in a good quality, but not too high as we need masses.

STAGE#02 - incoming
As soon as we got a good amount of painted Zombies we will start working on the lower area of the base and the bridge. Build, paint and then we can already add the first painted Zombies to see how many more we need. This is good for motivation.

Frankly, more Zombies.

As soon as the ground is packed and painted we will start working on the upper area of the highway. Prepare the road, looted cars and the dramatic moment that is happening on top.

We guess more Zombies again and finalizing the epic scene on top which will still be a surprise for you. Final paintwork, final sculpting and conversion work and finalizing everything.

Of course there will be a stage 6, but we do not know it yet.


How can you still help us?

Well, we need more Zombies still :D

You can check back with the initial post about this project here and get all information what we are up to and how to help us: Click!

We all love to paint Zombies, are you with us?

Thanks for the support to:

Erik, Germany
Jannick, Germany
Matthias, Austria
Sergio, Spain
Chris, Germany
David, Germany
Sebastian, Germany
Martin, Germany
Andy, Germany
Kevin, USA
David, Germany
Nicolas, France
Yannick, France
Désiré, France
Nassim, France
Dimitri, France
Sebastian, Germany
Christoph, (where are you from?)
Fabian, Germany
Bryan, USA
Josua, Switzerland
Lucky, Germany
Mads, Denmark
Matty, UK
Martin, Germany
Klaus, Germany
Sebastian, Germany
Anthony, USA
David, Germany
David, Australia

*place your name here*

Keep on happy gnaarrggllll!
Best Wishes
Roman & Bene


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