We got a new monkey in da jungle!!

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle,

as announced some days back, we got really ...
wait for it ... really, really interesting news:

We got a new monkey in da jungle!!

His name is:                                                  Josua Lai

Josua is just such a nice guy and friendship is growing bigger and bigger since his first visit to the MV studio. We were really impressed by his guest tutorial he did about proper use of two component water and his projects are so fresh and beautiful everytime we see them on social medias, but somehow social media things are going way too fast and get lost after some days.

We decided to ask Josua if he wants to be a part of Massive Voodoo and we were happy when he said "yes". As the MV Team is quite big on one hand, but also full with inactive members it is just about time to bring in some fresh air to the rain forest that is MV. We are pretty sure to see Josua throwing around with bananas in the future. Roman and Josua for example are working on the next concept of a painting competition on MV these days. Stay tuned for more!

Interested in seeing some of Josua's projects?

Before we speak too much about Josua it is time for him to give proper introduction on himself soon!
Stay tuned!


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