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by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle,

a little weekend newsflash incoming.

1. Massive link update

Let's start with details. No introduction. A massively update the blog will happen during the upcoming weeks. Private coachings have to be linked up properly with pictures, miniatures and material unpacked have to be linked up to the MU section, book reviews too, interviews, workshops, tutorials and step by steps. Lots of links to place in the right location. Roman will take care of this - ninjalike in the following weeks. Ninja. Nobody would know if not told here.

2. New MV Monkey
We are happy to announce a new addition to the jungle of Massive Voodoo. The MV grows and a new monkey will soon join in properly. Stay tuned!

3. Upcoming Workshops
In the meantime Peter gets ready for his first private coaching session in Stuttgart. In June - this upcoming wednesday - Roman is heading out to teach his second Beginner Class in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can check back with the first one at Farros Cigar here!The seminar is fully booked and over twenty students await Roman's teachings about miniature painting. Roman is pretty much looking forward to it. Thanks to Peter and Jacob for the organisational part.

4. Updates on
Roman added some more miniatures - old and new - to the galleries of his artist's portfolio. Also a "support me" area. Check it out on!

Roman is rowing his boat and running an exhibiton outside the miniature world at the moment. Pretty local thing with mainly visitors who never heard about miniature painting. This is very interesting and as soon as time allows Roman will write something about this experience. Can miniature painting be respected as an art form out of its own world?

5. MV Zombie Community Project
Roman is back at painting Zombies for this monster project again and also for getting ready to hold his first speedpainting masterclass in July. Next update is in line! Stay tuned!

6. MV Competition is on the horizon
Yey, you heard it right. We have concepts of two fresh competitions ready and also decided which one to go with first. This will be exciting. Unfortunately this will not be a Bananalicious Contest as the time and energies to run one like this ain't available these days.  Go check the event reports!

7. Blogposts
The next weeks are pretty planned already. Even while Roman will be travelling you will be able to read plenty of interesting articles here on massive voodoo. Cool, eh?

Keep on happy painting and row your boat!


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