Horus - Primarch of the Lunar Wolves

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey jungle readers,

another commission has left my desk :)

I´m currently working on a bigger project, which includes painting all Space Marines Primarchs created by Forgeworld. As I´m a big fan of the 40k and 30k fluff, this commission is very enjoyable. Not long a ago I finished the first primarch, Angron and today I want to show you the second... Horus.

Horus, the Warmaster... Horus, the Arch-Heretic...well, not this time. My client asked me to paint all the primarch in their "loyal" colors, before they turned into followers of Chaos. This makes the commission even more interesting, as I sometimes have to search for hints about the colors, but my big collection of artworks, books and at last the internet help me a lot ;)

Horus is usally shown in his black Terminator armour, but I wanted to go a different way. The sculpt is very "neutral", so it was no big problem to support the loyal appeareance by using ivory and other brighter colors for the armour. For the base I chose a very simple approach... rubble and dust. Nothing too fancy to not challenge the focus on Horus. In the end, I´m very satisfied with the result and my client is happy. But, the next primarch will have a black armour ;)

I give you  

Horus, Primarch of the Lunar Wolves

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