MV-Team: Josua

by Josua Lai

Name: Josua Lai

Job: CNC-Mechanic -  This means I am usually creating machine or robotic parts out of a 3d file on a milling machine.

Years of Painting: 2005 till now
Media: mostly Acrylics, inks but i am a guy who tries to paint with almost everything so : oil, pastel, enamel etc

Brushes: Winsor&Newton Series 7 (standard, not miniature), size 0, 1, 2 and 3 as main brushes but i threw away a brush only if he has no bristles left (even then you can still use it to stirring color or resin) so I have a good amount of old and crazy shaped brushes.

Airbrush: Infinity Harder & Steenbek and a Badger Renegade Chrome

Miniatures: Fantasy and Historical, all common scales, from 1:144, 1:72, 28 mm to 1/10 busts

Speed: Medium -Depends on the task though

Inspirational Miniature Painters : Marc Masclans, Kirill Kanaev, Alfonso Giraldes, Roman Lappat, Raffaele Picca

Favourite Miniature Sculptors: Lucas Pina, Allan Carrasco, Pedro Fernandez, Romain van den Bogeart, Raffaele Picca

Gallerys of my miniature works:

--> Hello Jungle

My Name is Josua and i am living in the most beautiful city in Switzerland named Bern.
I started to paint back in 2005 when I got a big Lord of the Rings miniature set as a Christmas gift.

Since then i never really stopped painting. I first painted all by my self, for almost two years without knowing there is a big community out there. All I had was my Games-Workshop painting compendium and a lot of time to practice. I started to explore the community as soon as I found out that there are more than just GW miniatures out there. It was not long and I found Massive Voodoo and was a reader since then. In the last two years I really started to understand some things painting wise and tried to focus on different things to learn. 

The Alchemist one of my biggest projects till now

Beside the miniature world i really like taking photos with my dslr. I love hiking and outdoor activities. I am a scout leader since about 10 years now. Nature itself is for me the biggest inspiration source and also the point where i can find some enjoying moments in silence.

If you ever brewed our morning coffee over a bonfire during sunrise you know exactly what I am talking about.

Neist Point Scotland - Panorama Picture out of 4 full format Pictures

Butt of Lewis - Scotland

My goal for the future is to create more things that inspire people, more things that tell a story, things that even are able to transport emotions and feelings. I have some crazy projects planned and I will let you be part of as much as possible.



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