Uther, Light of the Realm

by Roman aka jar

Hi Jungle,

a bust that I have finished a while ago, but due my recent melancholic vibe not shown yet here on the blog is a great sculpt by Raul Garcia Latorre. He did it for Black Crow Miniatures and you can find a review of the sculpt on Massive Voodoo already.

I am really fascinated by the sculpt and the character, although it was no easy paintjob when I found myself confronted with so much plate armour. Additionally it is alsy hard to take good photos showing the actual work I did on the metal parts. Well, that's the life of a figure painter.

Uther, Light of the Realm
Black Crow Miniatures, 1/9

This bust is for sale. If you want to make it yours and support me in my art, passion and work check my PDF cataloge for more information.

Keep on happy painting!


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