SBS: Ironman, Walt Disney Infinity

by Roman aka jar

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A Walt Disney Infinity Ironman walkthrough. You do not know these figures?
Well, actually they are toys for kids.

I first encountered them when I was asked to participate in a star wars charity project by the Museum of Miniatures, Mumi. This shows the massive and cool project, where many artists were involved. I was asked to paint one jedi for the cause and I was able to pick Asako Tano. 

Painting this was a true joy as volumes are a little uncommon and the overall look is much more comic than what I usually paint. Variety in what arrives at my painting desk is a wonderful thing. I decided to not stop here and I ordered myself two more figures.They are quite cheap and you can get one even under ten euros. Sadly Walt Disney is shutting down the Infinity range. Two figures I said. One was Ironman that I repainted for the pure joy.

Walt Disney Infinity

The initial Infinity Figure looks really simple in its paintjob.
I plan to change this with my version. Important for me was adding a stronger light situation, damages and some focus guiding edge highlights. And of course as it is me, much more unusual color play.

So I primed the model black and white, like I did with Yasmin from Aladin here (sorry did not take a photo of the primed Ironman):

Infinity out of the box

Simple as that.

Did the same to Ironman and after this applied my basic colors. As I never have control over myself while painting and following a clear guide to explain better what I am doing there is really hard for me I can only call this stage:

Initial sketching ... 
slapping paint with fingers and a large brush finding my idea and throw it to the model. I used a cold white here to sketch in my reflections on top of a dark red. You might think this looks wrong and indeed in this example it does, but I am all calm as I know what I can do to calm this down again. I just need to glaze another color with the brush or the airbrush on top of it to calm this. So I allow myself to go crazy, there is nothing I can not repair or take care of on my way.

I placed deepest shadows and sketched in some maximum light reflections.

Now I used my airbrush for a moment and sprayed a glaze of red, several times on top of the whole figure to calm my initial sketch down a bit. The areas where I placed shadows will look darker, while the ones I sketched with maximum light will show a stronger, more desaturated red. No photo of this, sorry.

After this I sketched other areas like the blue parts and black ones.
I used white again to mark out my strongest edgehighlights. While using black I added some scratches here and there and while using white I painted some edge highlights to these scratches too. Some purple was also carefully sprayed into the model from below. Just because I like purple. Again as a glaze to just tint, not cover.

More definiation on highlights and shadows. What I mean with this is: more sharper, stronger in its intensity. You can not really achieve this is if you use ultra thin paint. For this I am going with almost undiluted paint to really be able to place a strong impact and readability.

By using a black/purple glaze with the brush I was able to go back to my shadows again and make them stronger where I want them stronger.

In the next stage I again was redifining my highlights. Redifining in this case means I use glazes of red to pull too bright areas together and make them more intense in their look of reds. It also means that I use pure white to add final and thin, sharp edge highlights, even white reflection dots here and there. Again I rework these areas with glazes. Again I do the whites. Again. Maybe in between I redifine shadows too. It's a game. The game of wax on, wax off until you see what you want to see concerning your vision. In the next example photos the influance of sharper whites is clearly visible.

Also I worked out the base in the same procedure and added more purple and magenta. While doing this I might guess that magenta and purple also found their way back in the model itself while I was in the flow of painting.

In this stage I paint on until I feel the moment when I say: done. It works for me, I enjoyed it, no areas I am unhappy with. I call this painter's instinct. A personal thing that everyone has and uses different parameters for it. Others would maybe say this Ironman is not finished. Well, that is the painter's instinct of others. Paint one and show it to me - soon - in the upcoming Massive Voodoo competition* and show me your message. My message is easy: happy painting and my brush strokes sound like this :)

(ough, this was a teaser for those of you, who read)

I really enjoyed re-painting this figure, even it is a toy.
I loved it, because of the toy and childish look. Volumes I not often paint.
Really enjoyable. Will do more. Iron Man was the second.

Superhero discussion
I am not a big fan of Ironman. Never was. Somehow I saw only the first movie and remember other movies where he appeared. I like his superpowers ... ah well, he has none, but his superpower is money. I do not like this fact with Ironman, but do like it with Batman. That is very controverse I am aware of. Maybe it is because one is a tragic pimp, the other just another handsome guy with too much coins, but this is my personal view and personal views shall differ. Actually I do not see many superhero movies. Loved deadpool. Others entertained me, but never draw too much attention.

Except Batman :D

Instagram spotlight - Enrico Marini
You might know that I am quite active on Instagram when it comes to my Work in Progress stuff. I also follow others that inspire me. One of these is Enrico Marini. Not did he draw the comic series "Eagles of Rome" that I collect and I like so much. He recently shows super great Batman drawings.
Who am I to resist?

Like said in the beginning, Walt Disney is shutting down the Infinity range. Sad, but true. Well, rumours tell me that you might check their range and get yourself your favourite character soon. They are still available and easy to get. Just saying. Prepare yourself for this, part of the upcoming MV challenge/competition, put to life soon by Josua and Roman. More soon!

Stay tuned and keep on happy painting!


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