Mu97 - Mindwork Games, Miniatures

by Roman aka jar

to another Miniatures Unpacked, 
this time #96, we are closing in to 100. Nice!

This one is all about Italy, focusing on a young and cool company called "Mindwork Games":

... and of course their models.
It is a pretty huge review. Sit back, relax and enjoy the read!

We got several things to review for you in the MU and we will show each of the sculpts, prepare for this:

Many of Mindworks Games' sculpts have a limited edition number, this makes them quite interesting for collectors, but there is much more behind this small brand. The name says it all: Mindwork Games.

The characters you can find in this range are definatly fully of dreams and playful childhood memories. They have a very special own touch to them coming out of the Mindwork Games Factory. Let's start with one out of the "Ancient Tales" series ...

#01 The Bloodreaper
A 75 mm figure, priced at 50,00 € with a lot of details for the advanced painter. To see the model in full here is the promotional box art, credits of the photo by Mindwork Games:

When unpacking his box you get tons of detail on the first glance and all will be used on the model. Actually there is no optional head or stuff for him. All eighteen parts will be added to the final model. That's pretty much, but makes the model really detailed, though very complex to build for beginner painters.

Small spirits that are part of the figure:

A tentacle ...

The quality of the cast is quite good. A little cleaning up here and there, but no major mould lines or really anything that demands hardcore preparation work.

The fitting as such on the Mindwork Games figures is really well thought and works fine, smooth and easy as you can see on the next piece we will take a look on ...

#02 Captain Flint
Another Pirate in 75 mm.

Again the fitting is very convincing on the first sight:

And also are the uncommon beautiful shapes and the level of details:

Look at all that clam fouling, beautiful. If you want to add more you could check this MV article:

legs from the back:

legs from the front:

This figure comes with three different heads to create different characters. From the good looking, handsome pirate over a vampire version to an undead underwater world king:

A very lovely detail is the Octopus on his right arm ...

The base

... and all parts fo the model.

Next one in line is
#03 Morbid Angel, 
a female angel flute player I'd say, but still with this pirate topic going on somehow.

Again many parts arrive out of the box to build up this model:

Very obvious: her chest piece ... a great place to paint highlights on volumes. Again here you can see how well prepared the fitting joints are:

Head and face details ...

The wings though need quite the preparation work to see them as beautiful as they are meant to be.

Very thin details need to be taken care of. Easily to break.

She is definatly an interesting character. I am not sure if I can grab my mind around the character itself, but I think this is a thing of personal taste. Coming to the next one, who in terms of taste is one of my favourite from the Mindwork Games range:

#04 The Puppetter
A 54 mm scaled sculpt that shows the style of Mindwork Games products in its true graze.

Here is a better photo of the boxart, all credits at Mindwork Games:

A truely dreamy concept and a great sculpt execution of this topic. It reminds a bit of one of my favourite projects by Rusto.

A small puppet ...

Controlled by the Puppet Master ...

Cleaning is also needed here, but not to hard to do.

The level of additional details is - again - quite nice:


Unique characters
can not only be found in the range of Mindwork Games, but also in a company which is in close collaberation with them: Kimera Models. Therefor we will also have a look one more model on their range. We already reviewd Lord Dumah.

We will also have a quick look on the contents of "Sarah Fortune", a postapocalyptic warrior girl.

Two differents head allow you to build two different characters: A punk and a warrior with helmet.
The level of details going on just only on her backpag are astonishing - a true survivor:

Details on legs, body and base:

A truely cool model, packed with care and a great casting quality. Kimera Models.

We hope you enjoyed this review on these several sculpts. Kimera Models now also have Mindwork Games figures in their stock, check it out here:

Always remember this is just my personal view on these casts. My honest and frank oppinion. 
I really enjoy the fresh ideas coming from the caves of the Kimera and Mindwork Games and I can not wait for future releases. 
Keep on happy painting!


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