Halt! Papiere bitte!

by Roman aka jar

"Halt! Papiere bitte!"
... is german and says "Stop! Identify yourself!"

A weird project.
That is why I love it so much.
I painted the model "Frank von Stein" by Terrible Kids Stuff already once. You can see it here. I decided to paint this model twice, which is nothing I usually do with great joy.

I had this obviously different scaled german world war two scifi moon soldier by North Star Models waiting for ages in my drawers for the right idea. It came with a sketch of a base:

I love to play with scales since a long time.
Not in every of my project, but in many from the past. For example Robot & Pilot, or the last of the big Pelicans, or Davidé vs. Goliath or a recently done Mech to just name a few and I always am very inspired if I see other people try this too. It just changes everything. I am really happy to inspire people with this idea.

... back to the project. If you are interested in a superhuge Step by Step article of both versions I did on this figure from Terrible Kids Stuff you might check the brand new and actual issue of the Figure Painter Magazine, just saying :)

Halt! Papiere bitte!
Terrible Kids Stuff, North Star Models, various scales

You can find more photos either on Putty&Paint or romanlappat.com.
The project is for sale, feel free to enjoy a look in my PDF cataloge.

Keep on happy painting!

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