MV's OSL Inspiration

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

by now we think everybody knows what OSL, Object Source Light means and we are sure that some of you already painted their experiments. Massive Voodoo's article section offers four articles that are focusing on this sort of extra light in your miniature scenes:

A well illustrated guide by Raffa showing you theory about light and shadow.
A guide that introduces Light that comes from a source nearby the miniature.
Raffa explains how to use really glowing pigment powder.
Theory: Rays and Reflections
Raffa explains in depth how light works on material.
Today's article just brings you pure inspiration to study and get inspired. We recommend to look at it with just the right music. Raffa and Roman had some fun a while back during their workshop time in Hamburg at the Wu Dao Kung Fu school.
 We hope you enjoy!



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