Mv's Tip of the week #08

by Massive Voodoo

Well, Summer is hot.
Painting in summer temperatures sucks sometimes. Your colors dry to fast and you are painting with your own sweat instead of water. Our studio is located under the roof and gets sun the whole day. It's like sauna these days.

What can you do to make painting more enjoyable during summer?

First of all, try to paint in the late evening or if possible in early morning, close the windows to leave the heat outside, put something in front of them to avoid direct sun income and wear almost nothing.
If possible use a fan or more. Use a wet towel around your shoulders, in combination with the fan it can work miracles. Place a bucket of ice cubes in front of the fan to let yourself hit by cool air. If you quit painting place your wet-palette in the fridge to stop your colours from drying too fast. Think of a place with cold temperatures, drink enough water, hide in the dark or maybe just do not paint.

There is not really much more you can do. If you have any further ideas, suggestions or breathtaking tips, please comment them! One thing though: Jump into water on every possible occasion:

And take a wet towel and rub your cat sometimes:

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