Inspiration: Workspace History

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

today Roman wants to write something about his workspace.
From the beginning - when miniature paintining became his daily work beside studies - to now where miniature painting is his work.

In the past we asked you to show us your workspaces too and you can find the workspace gallery 2010 and the workspace gallery 2011 in the depths of the jungle. Just in case you need some workspace inspiration.

Now enjoy Roman heading back into the past with his own workspace.


Your workspace is a holy place. 
It is the place to calm down, find peace of mind, paint, find inspiration, fight inner battles with the challenges facing you, win challenges, fail on others, enjoy music, enjoy memories, create tiny wonders, paint with friends or hide from the world, but often I just sit there and stare for hours. My little palace of colours.

It is important that you feel good at your workspace. Once in a while it helps to clean it up and make time and room for freshness. It is healthy and sometimes really needed. You know what I am talking about, eh?

Well, in the past my workspaces changed, drasticly. Becoming more and more professional in what I do the workspace had to grow with me. In points of organisation, space, even better organisation and more. Right now I want to take you on a journey how my personal workspace grew up to become what it is today.

Actually this wasn't my first workspace ever. I had about two while I was living at my parents, one in the basement for rough work and some tiny spot in my room.

This was the first workspace when I moved together with my girlfriend. I took the table from my parents though. My great girlfriend did not really like that corner as it looked like a hell of a mess if I did not clean it up properly. I did not do this often as beside studies and other time consuming things, cleaning up was often last on my list. And I felt organised in that little corner, really I did, even you can not see it.

little corner madness
 the location of the little corner, cleaned up

Back then Massive Voodoo was in his early baby days and one article I wrote back then was called "Holding several miniatures at once while painting 'em!". I had to be creative with the space available.

Painting with a hat does not make you a better painter

We moved and my workspace recieved its own room in the new flat. More space to go crazy and keep untidy. Well, still my lady had the control to make me clean that up once in a while. The little corner became a whole table and I enjoyed creating creations there much more.

Really tidy, eh?

and in the middle of action or whatsoever

I even tried to build my own paintrack back then for this table to have a better view on my colour collection, but I didn't like it that much as sitting in front of this massive wall of colors made my senses for tones and perception totally numb.

Ahhhh, too much colors!

Well and Keiko and Momo arrived too at my workspace. Great cats, great friends, great members of my little family, but they enjoyed hanging around my workspace pretty much and always wanted to play their part in my creations. Sometimes I caught Momo drinking out of the wet palette (she is still alive!!) and Keiko playing with open colors, throwing down color pots or leaving her colorful footprints through the flat. Not so good. The lady was right to force me to find a better solution.

Keiko and Momoko chilling at my workspace

My work grew more and more professional. Very often - while working from home - I was not able to stop. Home was work and work was home, this was confusing. So the decision was made to find another place to put a workspace in. Also the decision was made to share a room with my bibab (brother in brain and brushes) Raffa.

We found our new home in the Kulturpark West, a corner in Augsburg, Germany where many artists and musicians share three big houses and can rent a place for cheap prices. This place is in danger right now and if you did not yet sign the petition for its preservation please do so over here! 

Well, ok. We moved into our first studio and the place was huge compared to everything else I called my workspace before. We had a big table to work on and many storage solutions.

Our first studio

After one and a half year in that studio we had the opportunity to move in the room next door. It was a little bigger and we already needed more space.

On the move once again.

My workspace is well organised, when cleaned up properly. We have four workspaces on this table thus far and many storage solutions all around the place.

My workspaceback then!

We renovated the MV studio again and the result is a superbig table for four to six painters. 

My workspace right now.

Well, you might ask: Why this article?

I can tell you. Raffa and I are heading to the NOVA Open soon and when we return changes about the studio are on the horizon. Sanne will be moved out by then and we (Bene, Raffa, I) will welcome Erik as he moves in.

We decided that we are not really happy in this studio right now. Not because of the lack of space nor other reasons. It is just too crowded and we are doing big renovations during the last weeks of September. Cleaning up everything, throwing out stuff, new closets with doors maybe as we are really getting sick of the dust settling in. A big clean up to stay focused. Room for freshness.

I hope you enjoyed this little workspace evolution review and maybe there is inspiration for you in it.
Always remember, everyone of us walks a path, if it's in sport, love, life, work and it is always good to know where you are coming from!

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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