Inspirational Kawamba!

by Massive Voodoo

Hi Jungle Painters,

Summer is hot and so are our inspirational links. Roman is setting up this link collection for you and writes this 'article' and we hope you enjoy. Massive Voodoo Jungle Painters, stay inspired, drink creativity and dance the dance.


Inspiration is just so important.
Not only to sit down and create something. It is important to feel good. Maybe after months. When you get inspired by something your soul will link up to it without you might ever recognize. Sometimes such links come up just some minutes after the initial inspiration, some months later or even years after. Not all will do. Some will just dissapear. Everybody knows how it's running.

Today's life as a miniature painter
is completle madness if you inform yourself on a daily basis what is going on my painter friends workbenches, search for new ideas in the real world or in the internet and then there are blogs you want to read, galleries you want to check and there is that toilet flush called facebook. Toilet flush? Well, no offence to anyone. Facebook is just too fast and a lot of things that could/would/should inspire me are just rushing by in that toilet flush, because it is just too much. Too fast. I am growing old or wise, who knows. Just my thoughts.

I always enjoy sharing some of my personal inspirational links, recently this went quiet as I was not searching for some and did not collect many for you, but well I think now is the time and that is why I say "Come on" and start with musica:

Beautiful Art links
( for Drawers, Painters, Sculptors, etc.)
Technique Hysteria
ESPN 2015 Body Issue
How to remove Acrylic color from clothes
Anatomy Scan References 360°
Humanae (searching for the beauty of skintones?) 
Frank Frazetta Fantasy Art
Interview with Sculptor/Artist Mark Newman
3D grafittis
Building the Gallipoli Exhibition
Nuclear Snail Studio
Tiny Galaxies
100 famous Artists and their studios
Portraits on Pinterest
How good can your eyes see color?
Chimpanze head sculpure - Cyril Roquelaine
Anatomy References on Pinterest 
Mo Ganji Tattoo from Berlin 
Bob Ross - Happy clouds
How to draw breasts

Miniature related stuff
Warhammer Fantasy Art Gallery on Pinterest
This is not a Manga Drawing
Love the base
Sculptor Nelya Vitvitska

What rocks me lately
Daddy Daugher Beatbox
Louis CK
Maggie Official Trailer 
Making of Lumino City 
Flog of sheep blocking the road 
Thought of you (cuz it is so beautiful still) 
Barack Obama's Bullshit Translator 
Why the chicken crossed the road
Best Dunk of all time?
Loz's magnificent 7-tone fart symphony
Mauer bauen mit Fynn Kliemann
Go Pro - Petting a Tiger Shark
Pampers Poo Faces
10 things to keep in mind while loving a strong creative person
Celebrate Water
Real Toy Soldier
Real Jetpacks!!!!!!!! 

Cuz' it is so great:

After this I am just like:


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