Khorne Demon Bust

by Bene aka Benji

Hello dear Jungle Painters,

today I want to present you a bust I already finished around half a year ago, but didn´t show it yet for whatsoever reason.

The bust itself was/is part of a commission. Although it took me some time to find the right direction on this bust I had some fun painting it and I am so far satisfied with the end result. Nothing ultra fancy, but an in my opinion cool looking paintjob. 

I hope you like this demon fellow too.

This guy is also up on putty and paint, so feel free to vote if you like. Just click here.

That´s it for now, if you are interested in giving me a commission, feel free to contact me via e-mail to:

bene (at) massivevoodoo (dot) com

So we can talk about the possibilities and details.



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