Painting: What a lovely day II

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle Painters,

recently I painted on canvas again and it felt ... beautiful.
I decided to do so again, not aiming for any kind of perfection, just fun with colors and watching some paintwork to grow over days.

Here is the first one I talked about, in case you did miss it.

Still, I am very inspired by the movie "Mad Max - Fury Road" and that is why my second canvas is also themed in this direction. Well, on my first step this is not recognizable I guess:

Step 1: Colors.

Step 2: Mixed together. Painted my shoe.

Step 3: Motive sketch with more colors.

Step 4: Painting on. Canvas work to the right is by my friend Susanne Ziegler aka Sanne.
Well I was happy enough to be allowed to work on her workspace. 

The painting process took me about 3 weeks as I was painting a mix from Acrylic and Oil colours and sometimes had to wait until the oil colours were dry again. It was fun and I enjoyed myself painting once more, even the final result is not perfect in detail. I never aimed for that. Still I think it reflects my inspiration and it feels good to explore my brush strokes once in a while.

This picture is for sale! 
If you are interested I have to check back with its size when I am in the studio the next time. For now here is a photo with my shoe and a chair. Write me a mail to recieve further details if you want to buy it.

So far, keep on happy painting and remember the baby brother!
He was perfect!
Best Wishes, 


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