Mu 73 - Broken Toad - Tooth Fairy

by Massive Voodoo

Aloa Jungle Painters,

today we bring you another Miniatures Unpacked 
- straight out of the jungle heart.

This time we will take a closer look on BrokenToad's Tooth Fairy.
We want to thank Kris from BrokenToad for his nice and kind words he wrote to Roman and the MV-Team in the letter attached to the parcel. Low five here followed by a ghetto fist plus explosion tsccchhhhhh! Roman is writing the review up, so enjoy it and do not get scared.

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Allright. The Tooth Fairy.
Honestly I never had much contact with this monster, ehm 'Fairy' in my childhood. Lucky me. The imagination of people's toothfairy fantasies are really scaring me. Teeth are always a strange thing and we all know the horror of going to the dentist. Teeth are strange. Now imagine not a dentist but a monster ripping out your tooth. Imagine you are six years old. Well, no that is an ugly imagination, pure horror and so is Broken Toad's Toothfairy. Ugly.

Tooth Fairy Wikipedia 

But wait, the monster arrives in a really cool wooden box. Everybody is still safe. Cool Concept Drawing on the box. It tells scary and ugly inside.

Opening up you have tons of things in there. 8 parts to build up the model and a plinth. All Resin.

Ahhh, the main body is just so freaky. As you can see some cleaning has to be done as there are some resin rests of the casting process. Nothing too bad, all easily achivabale with the right tools and sandpaper.

Now this is a big tooth!

On the smaller parts you find some "resin skin" that you can easily remove with looking straight at it. Mould lines are not bad at the model, in fact there are not many.

A fairy needs wings, a sexy fairy the ones of butterflies and a toothfairy the ugly ones.

These hands are made for demanding and ripping out teeth ... har har!

The main body is most amazing. Real cool and ugly concept. Painted in the right "mood" and athmosphere this beast can scare the $hit out of some I am sure. As you can see on the main body you have holes to fit in the smaller arms.

Now on a look how the beast looks complete. Photo Curtesy of BrokenToad.
The beast is like: "Yeah, my precious little tooth!"

You can get your Tooth Fairy at BrokenToad!

I hope you enjoyed the review!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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