Toy Pops! - Repairs

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle Painters,

well, I never really was into Custom Toys.

I learned about them via the interview with David "Dust" Stegmann.
Recently I got in touch with some more. An emergency email forwarded from the local hobby store called "Modellbau Koch" (where I am a frequent visitor).

The mail was about doing repairs on two customized "Toy Pops!" for a wedding cake. Inspired by the couples World of Warcraft Characters. The wedding was close. I read the urgency in the words of Bernhard and put on my Batman-Costume. I did the repairs, repainted some areas and did some minor more work to the hair and eyes. Also a white plastic card board was cut in a circle shape (thanks for your patience and pity to my elbow, Bene!) to look better on the white wedding cake. Fun. Truely fun.

I was even thinking about painting one of these to the light and texture standards in the miniature painting scene. Mmh. If there is anyone of you outthere who could imagine such a crazy comission, please contact me!

Toy Pops!

Patience by Bene, but what I learned from this photo: Doing something with a blade and a having a patch on the finger does never look professional. And Bene did awesome!
 From the back!
 Upper Front!

And Wedding Cake View:

Thanks Bernhard for your trust!
Emergency case closed!
I wish you a great wedding!

And to all you jungle painters outthere:
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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