Tutorial Voting: The Aquila right on time for the SMC!

by Massive Voodoo

While Raffa and Roman are in their second day of hosting another private coaching we did not forget that it is Thursday. Another Thursday, another day of Tutorial Voting via Massive Voodoo's year of the painter. Your comment means a vote and you decide which article will be up early next week. Voting last until Monday next week!

Here are your choices for this week:

Follow Roman through this marvellous bust by Nuts Planet. See into details of the painting work, including skin tone, overall athmosphere, snow, dirt, leather texture and all thoughts behind it. The Aquila brings home the eagle if you decide for him!

For this article vote "Aquila" in the comments!

In this article you will see a project log of Roman's take on a 1:35 Military Model from Alpine Miniatures. See how it grew to become a special gift to the organisator of the recently held Scale Model Challenge.

For this article vote "Alpine" in your comment!

Now you decide!


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