The Journey begins ...

by Massive Voodoo


All of you miniature hobby friends out there might have heard of "Journey".
A miniature board game funded via a succesful Kickstarter
by the company "Marrow Productions".

Soon the games are delivered as it is scheduled to start shipping during November and everybody will be so happy to recieve them. Why we can say that? Well, lucky jungle. While Hon was visting us for private coaching he brought one copy of the game as a gift to us and our hearts jumped to the heavens.

Historical magic Moments while opening the box ...

The quality of its content is just insane. Everything is ready to be played out of the box. The high quality plastic models are even already build and if you like to play you can just start right away.

Hon did not only bring the game but as he was travelling to the expo "Spiel" in Essen, Germany one weekend before his private coaching we were also very lucky to see all the promotional paintjobs by Hon in flesh.

For Roman it was time to say goodbye to his version of the Monkey King, that he had painted up as a comission for Marrow Productions a while ago. Hon took him home to Hong Kong finally.

He took the Monkey King but left some other cool models in the jungle to play with. Here you can find an early WIP of a Berrok, Bull Warrior:


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