Sanne's 4th miniature project: Tilda

by Massive Voodoo


Today Massive Voodoo is proud to present to you another figure project, done by our trainee,
Susanne aka Sanne.

It all started when Roman gave Sanne a cool 28 mm Hasslefree miniature, called Tilda.
Sanne was always complaining about female miniatures always looking like silicon-non-realistic women. Tilda in this case now looked more like a powerful girl, a barbarian or viking woman whom the men of their tribe fear and tread with tons of respect, because they fear the beating they might recieve from her. Sanne was free to choose the setting of Tilda and Roman and Raffa were already looking forward to an interesting viking themed execution ... but what Sanne realised was absolutely different and way more cooler.

So, this is Sanne's 4th miniature painting project since she is doing the traineeship at Massive Voodoo. Base was scratchbuild and many parts of the base sculpted by Sanne. Roman and Raffa are truely proud of her and surprised by the way she executed Tilda.

Hasslefree, 28 mm

As a big part of MV is explaining project progress you can look forward to Sanne's first article, coming this future. She explains her thoughts behind it and the work she has done. We are already looking forward to it. A little preview for you:

We are looking forward to her next project!


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