Killing Blow - Thraex Bust finished

by Peter aka Baphomet

Hey guys & gals,

a week has already passed since the MV-crew was at the Monte San Savino show in Italy. A great event and definitely worth visiting next year. The level of quality in all categories was very high and it´s always cool to see pieces you only know from the internet in live.

Thanks a lot to everybody who made this great happening possible.

Some weeks ago I decided to paint one of my many historical minis I hide in my shelf for the show. My choice fell on a gladiator bust from Pegaso. As some of you might know I´m a big fan of Roman gladiators. Even during my time in university I joined a class about experimental archeology where we fabricated our gladiator armory based on historical facts. It was more fun then real science, but at least we managed to do some fights in the equipment and this is a really great experience. As soon as you put on the armour you feel like a god and don´t care a lot about rules when fighting ;-)


But back to miniatures: the bust is quite interesting even as it´s one of Pegaso´s weakest in my opinion. It lacks some quality in historical aspects and even the sculpt has some weaknesses in anatomy and pose. But well... it was a good experience and an even better chance to practise painting skin. I learned a lot and I´m quite happy with the result even when the blood effect was a bit too much in the end.

So here you go:

I was very happy to receive Bronce in Master Painting at MSS. If you like to vote, please use the following link:

Putty and Paint

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