Review: Monte San Savino Show 2014

by Massive Voodoo


Last weekend the Monte San Savino Show 2014 was held in Tuscany, Italy and it is hard to find proper words for this event, the great food and wine, the show, the miniatures, the athmosphere, the people, the family. In fact we can just recommend to you to go there once and after it you will always love to come back and you should!

Francesco Farabi aka "Franciuus", one of the main organisators of the Show said it pretty well: "Monte is about the people. If you take care of the people, the miniatures will come!" and "It feels normal to be in Monte every year!" ...

We hope you will enjoy Massive Voodoo's report on the event. Photos in this report are made by Phil and Roman from MV and some are from Kyle via Mr Lee's Painting Emporium,
go check his review.

In the centre of the outback of the Tuscany, a little village
- hard to reach by car, plane, train, foot and parachute, but always worth the trip!
A usual day in Monte San Savino, but soon the invasion of the painters is ahead.
Everybody is excited about the event and the miniature painters!
That little village really can offer candy to the eyes.

Max says:
"I have heard so many marvellous stories about Monte and so I was really excited getting there this year for the very first time. And it was amazing - even though the organisation of the show was "Italian", but I am getting more and more used to it. The spirit of Monte definitely is one of a kind. Who cares for miniatures (even though there were some great masterpieces) when you spend time with such funny, witty and kind people. And I am not only speaking of our whole Massive Voodoo crew but of everyone at Monte. It is like meeting your huge and crazy but insanely friendly family - the one you never had. Thanks to everyone who made this happen."
Friday night it was time for Idromele again - a big celebration of the Monte family with initial rites to welcome first timers - and we just found one photo were Roman took good care about Raffael aka Volomir, still nightmares from last years Idromele party were hunting him. Have a look on Volomir's blog to read even more about Monte!

If you want to see many more cool photos of Friday night's party we only can recommend the beautiful photo gallery of John Harrison, here on facebook. 

Saturday morning and Monte filled up with more and more miniature painters from all over Europe and the world, entering their figures, having chats and coffee here and there and enjoying the beautiful weather of this sunny Saturday. 

Phil says:
"It was my first time at Monte San Savino Show this year. And I think you cannot describe Monte, you just have to be there and feel it. It's like no other figure show out there. It's more about the people and the atmosphere and not the figures, this is what make Monte so special. But still - the fantasy displays? I have never seen so many great projects in one place! Monte became an instant classic for me. If I could, I would book my flight for MSS15 right now!"

For sure there were many miniatures in the event. There are no proper words to explain the amount of such high quality pieces in every category. Monte is just gorgeous and the miniatures in the contest are just pure eye candy. Everywhere. It will make your head explode.




One day I will build a teleporter to teleport
every miniature painter to Monte. One day.

Judges at work.

 Too many great miniatures at one place!

Oli says:
"I am back from Monte San Savino. A great event with artists from all over the world and a very high level of the painting competition. It was nice to see so many fantastic works in real, many classics that I know from the internet but also works or complete displays, that I have never seen before. It was my last event this year, now it's time to sit on the table and work on some new stuff."

Peter says:
"It was my first year in Monte. Roman and Raffa had always told me how great the show is but still I was overwhelmed when I entered the show room. So many pieces painted in a high quality. Beside the minis it was cool to meet so many new people even if I sadly had not enough time to have a chat with everybody. All in all it was a great show and I'm happy I had the chance to be there! I will definitly join all this crazy painters in Monte once again."


If you want so see more miniatures from the contest we can recommed the following galleries:

Kyle Cruickshank's album
John Harrison's album
John Keys' album
Raffael Garcia Marin's album
Bacms' album

If you want your gallery added to these please write a link in the comments.

Well, it is truely hard to find all the words to describe the wonders of miniature painting passion which were on show in the Monte San Savino Show. We think it was obvious to everyone around to say that this show is definatly one with the highest quality pieces every year. We even heard rumors saying that Monte even topped the World Expo and nobody envied the judges of the hard work they had to do in Monte. They did a great job giving out the medals in the different categories. 

Massive Voodoo's Most Creative Award 
was given to Martin Goumaz and this beautiful piece:

Roman says:
"Monte always comes back to the people. It is what makes this show so special. This year they even organised a basketball game for those who would like to attend. Monte San Savino Show is about the people, the people who love miniature painting and who are carrying their passion and love to this little town in Italy."


Congratulations to everyone for their medals and being part of this awesome show!

Thanks again to the hard work of the organisators of this show! Thank you, Team of Monte San Savino Show!
More photos by Phil can be seen here!

Massive Voodoo wants to say special thanks to Sergio, who gave his tribute piece to MV:

See you next year in Monte San Savino!
Do not miss it!

If you want to see more event reports,
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