Kong's WIP-thoughts - November #01

by Roman aka jar

Hello Jungle of MASSIVE VOODOO,

it has been a while since I wrote my last WIP-thoughts.
Now it it's time for it, but be warned this write up is also mixed with Kong Fu, some very personal thoughts of mine to explain my painter's soul nowadays.

It happened some days after the Monte San Savino Show. 
Monte always marks a spot for me in the year. A spot where I feel the need to calm down.
Autumn is standing at the front porch, telling you that winter might soon arrive and well I am a child of the summer. I love it warm, sun, power, endless energies.

My miniatures I took to Monte San Savino Show.

Autumn for me feels like, honestly: Blahgnarglohnowhybluargh!
I do not know why but it feels stranger every year. I feel the need to calm down. Focus on myself, drink tea, do less activity in the internet. Maybe I just need some holidays after this year passed without one so far.

I said it happened some days after the Monte San Savino Show. That weekend was beautiful and really great, but it also marks a spot. A spot telling me the 'season' of this years miniature painting madness is over. Sure there is still some private coachings and a painting class in the Netherlands ahead and I won't calm down on these, but I feel to calm down for myself - for example by trying to write something on MV every day, answering my mails like a greek god of speed ... calm down and breathe. Drink Tea, find time to search for new music I like, enjoy good books while drinking tea. I think you are getting the idea of what I am talking of, eh?

Well, being back in the studio after the show in Italy felt very strange. First of all I took most of my finished models home into my cabinets to have the studio's cabinets free for new ideas and projects. Some were sold and are at the moment shipped through the world. Then I tried to paint and painting was no fun. So I cleaned up the place.

I just don't know, but that felt good. Since then I am not caring to much about my autumn-blues. It's there, I accept it, let it happen. The difference to summer is, the power of the sun guides me and I feel strong. Autumn is more like ... I just don't know, I follow where the blues takes me.

... and so far it took me to realize I need to breathe and calm myself down. Taking a little holidays on things in my life that keep me from focus on what is important for me. Some of the past weeks were truely filled with me going to bed so early it did not feel 'normal'.

In autumn I just want to be a lazy cat.

... but I quickly realized I am no cat, no matter how early I try to get myself to sleep. My mind needs to work and luckily autumn does not take me down like it did in some of the past years as I learned to work with my energies and capabilities. I learned to take a breath in the right time and now it's that time.

Drawing the banners for the BANANALICIOUS Painting Contest 2, 
drinking tea to it, was truely relaxing.

I even took out a truely old WIP from 2010, to have some relaxed painting strokes on it. Without any pressure, without a goal to push me to my limits - just paintin', drinking tea.

Well, can I sum up this write up? - No.
I just don't know. I won't be gone, I will just do things a little more relaxed. I will focus my upcoming blogging work on the BANANALICIOUS and will do some other blogposts for sure, but I won't fly straight like a bolt-thrower like I did this year until now. I just don't know, I just need to drink a tea now :)

Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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