Predator - Chasing Hunter

by Roman aka jar

Hey Jungle Painters,

deep in the jungle a hunter is stalking the unaware.
He moves more stealthy than a shadow, invincible.
Joy is why he takes patience in stalking his prey.
When he strikes, the jungle is filled pain and a roar.

Predator - Chasing Hunter
Predastore, 28 mm


I painted this wonderful sculpt by Remy Tremblay as a comission for a collector of Predator miniatures and I hope he will be happy with the result coming from my brush. Really enjoying to paint those models from Predastore as they catch exactly what a Predator is.

So far I've painted three Predators with this one. 
One Female back in 2012 that I really enjoyed too. It was cool to put her in a jungle ambience themed base too - she was sold on ebay in 2012.

Anoher one was done in 2013, the executioner as a gift to a friend from Austria:

I hope you like it! Beware of the Hunters!
Keep on happy painting!
Best Wishes


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